Meet the 2022 CGRG / GCRG Executive.


Jan Franssen

Dr. Jan Franssen is a Senior Watershed Scientist at GEO Morphix Ltd. His research focus is at the interface of geomorphology, watershed hydrology, and ecology where he seeks to characterize the physical processes that sustain ecological functions in freshwater ecosystems.


Nicole Couture

Nicole Couture

Nicole Couture is a coastal permafrost scientist with NRCan’s Geological Survey of Canada where her interests include the response of permafrost landscapes to development activities and changing environmental conditions, and the influence of coastal processes on nearshore and onshore permafrost.





Pascale Biron, Dan Shugar, Paul Villard

Pascale Biron

Pascale Biron

Pascale Biron is a Professor in the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment, Concordia University. Her research focuses on fluvial geomorphology, river restoration for fish habitat, GIS and numerical modelling of river dynamics and agricultural watershed management.

Dan Shugar

Dan Shugar

Dan Shugar is an Assistant Professor and leader of the waterSHEDlab (Water, Sediment, Hazards and Earth-surface Dynamics) in the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington Tacoma. His research interests involve glacial, fluvial, alpine and coastal geomorphology, natural hazards, and geomatics. 

Paul Villard is the director/geomorphologist at GEO Morphix, ltd, Milton, Ontario.  His research interests are river and shoreline restoration, erosion hazard delineation and mitigation.