The CGRG annually recognizes the accomplishments of Canadian geomorphologists by presenting awards that include the:

  • J. Ross Mackay Award to recognize significant achievement by a young geomorphologist in Canada
  • Olav Slaymaker Awards to recognize the best student oral and poster presentions at the CGRG Annual Meeting
  • Jean-Claude Dionne and the Alan S. Trenhaile student awards at CGRG sponsored events

The J. Ross Mackay Award


Dr. J. Ross Mackay is a Professor Emeritus in the Geography Department at the University of British Columbia. Since retiring from the University at the end of June, 1981, Dr. Mackay has continued his legendary fieldwork in the periglacial environments of northern Canada. His publication record now spans a full half-century of innovative thinking and scholarly achievement.

The J. Ross Mackay Award is intended by the CGRG to honour Dr. Mackay’s achievements. Accordingly, the award is to be given for a significant contribution to geomorphology by an early-career Canadian geomorphologist. In this way we hope to celebrate Dr. Mackay’s achievements for many years to come.

Award Recipients

  • 2016: Dr. Alberto Reyes
  • 2015: Dr. Nicole Couture
  • 2014: Dr. Tom Lakeman
  • 2013: Dr. Brett Eaton
  • 2012: Dr. Chris Hugenholtz
  • 2011: Dr. Michele Koppes
  • 2010: Dr. Steve Kokelj
  • 2009: Dr. Thomas Buffin-Belanger
  • 2008: Dr. Brian Menounos
  • 2007: Dr. Ian Walker
  • 2006: Dr. Duane Froese
  • 2005: Dr. John Orwin
  • 2004: Dr. Matthias Jacob
  • 2003: Dr. John Gosse
  • 2001: Dr. Scott Lamoureux
  • 2000: Dr. Stephen Wolfe
  • 1999: Dr. Cheryl McKenna Neuman

The Olav Slaymaker Awards


The awards are named and presented in honour of Dr. Olav Slaymaker, former President of the International Association of Geomorphologists. Dr. Slaymaker is Professor of Geography at The University of British Columbia and Senior Fellow of St. John’s College, a residential international graduate student college on the UBC campus. He is Co-editor of The Canadian Geographer, published by Blackwell, and of Catena, an international interdisciplinary journal published by Elsevier. For service to the discipline of geomorphology, Dr. Slaymaker is a recipient of the prestigious David Linton Award from the British Geomorphological Research Group.

Introduced at the 2002 Saskatoon meeting with Geological Association of Canada, the Olav Slaymaker Awards are presented for the best student oral paper and best student poster presented at the CGRG Annual Meeting. Each winner receives a cheque for $250, a certificate, and the opportunity to list the honour in their resumé.

Award Recipients

  • 2018: Katie Castagno, Riley Mulligan
  • 2015: Thomas Dowling, Fabien Hugue, Jonathan Cripps
  • 2014: Lea Braschi
  • 2012: Sarah Davidson & Dominic Reiffarth
  • 2011: Annina Margreth & Lije Niu
  • 2010: Graham Clark & Robert Kotowich
  • 2009: Thomas Barchyn & James McDonald
  • 2008: Andre Zimmerman & Eva Stephani
  • 2007: Mathieu Roy & Genevieve Marquis
  • 2006: Lisa Lamarche
  • 2005: Daniel Shugar & Chris Hugenholtz
  • 2004: Daniel Fortier & Chris Hugenholtz
  • 2003: Jennifer Smith & Kimberly Wahl
  • 2002: John Orwin & Robert Armstrong

The CGRG Regional Student Awards

The Regional Student Awards were presented to the best student oral and poster presentations at a CGRG sponsored session at national or regional meetings held with or without affiliated organisations. Up until 2008, the award consisted of a CGRG T-shirt and a mention on both the CGRG newsletter and website. In the summer of 2008, CGRG dedicated the Regional Student Awards in the names of Drs. Jean-Claude Dionne and Alan S. Trenhaile. The winner of each award will receive a certificate, a monetary prize, and the right to list the honour in their curriculum vitae.

The Jean-Claude Dionne Awards


The Jean-Claude Dionne Award is presented to the best student oral presentation at a CGRG-sponsored session at a national or regional meeting. Dr. Jean-Claude Dionne is an Emeritus Professor of Geography at the Université Laval and is a member of Centre d’étude nordiques. Dr. Dionne has made an enormous contribution to geomorphology, particularly in the field of periglacial environments and on “le glaciel”. He has published more than 300 papers, notes and reports and has received la médaille André-Cailleux and the Canadian Association of Geographers Award. In 1998, he was named a Fellow of the Geological Society of America.

Award Recipients

  • 2013: Beth Cowan
  • 2012: Sarah Davidson & Dominic Reiffarth
  • 2011: Jordan Eamer, Colette Starheim, Andrew Perkins, Tim Marjoribanks
  • 2008: Benoit Vigneault & Etienne Bachand

The Alan S. Trenhaile Awards


The Alan Trenhaile Award is presented to the best student poster at a CGRG-sponsored session at a national or regional meeting. Dr. Alan Trenhaile is a Professor of Earth Sciences at the University of Windsor and is the author of Geomorphology: a Canadian Perspective, published by Oxford University Press. Dr Trenhaile has won several faculty teaching awards, including Windsor’s Alumni Award for Distinguished Contributions to University Teaching, and has received the Richard J. Russell Award for research in coastal geomorphology from the Association of American Geographers.

Award Recipients

  • 2011: Casey O’Laughlin, Jessica Zinger, Etienne Dagenais Du Fort
  • 2008: Etienne Bachand