Olav Slaymaker Award Recipients

2012 Recipients


2011 Recipients

  • Annina Margreth, Dalhousie University, for her paper (co-authored with John Gosse and Art Dyke) Arctic coastal landscape evolution influenced by polythermal ice coverage of Cumberland Peninsula, Baffin Island presented as part of the “Arctic landscape evolution” special session at GAC-MAC 2011, Ottawa.
  • Lijie Niu, University of Ottawa, for her poster “Arsenic distribution and speciation in Applachian serpintines in northern Vermont, USA” presented as part of the “Living in a naturally hazardous place” special session at GAC-MAC 2011, Ottawa.


2010 Recipients


2009 Recipients


2008 Recipients

  • André E. Zimmermann, University of British Colombia, for his presentation (co-authored M. Church and M.A. Hassan) Step-pool stability experiments“.
  • Eva Stephani, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Alaska, for her poster (co-authored D. Fortier, R. Walsh and Y. Shur) Preservation of the Alaska Highway“.


2007 Recipients


2006 Recipient


2005 Recipients

  • Chris Hugenholtz, University of Calgary, for his paper (co-authored Steve Wolfe) Morphological development of blowouts on the Canadian Prairies “.
  • Daniel Shugar, University of Guelph, for his paper (co-authored Ray Kostaschuk). The evolution of coherent flow structures over dunes in an alluvial channel, Paraná River, Argentina“.


2004 Recipients


2003 Recipients


2002 Recipients