Jean-Claude Dionne Award Recipients

2011 Recipients

  • Joint CGRG and AAG-GSG/COMA sponsored session in honour of coastal geomorphologist, Robin Davidson-Arnott at the AAG 2011. Jordan Eamer, Department of Geography, University of Victoria. “Morphodynamic and sediment budget responses of a foredune-transgressive dune complex to invasive vegetation removal, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, British Columbia, Canada“.
  • Joint CGRG and Canadian Dendrochronology Research Group (CDRG) sponsored session at the CAG 2011 meeting. Colette Starheim, Department of Geography, University of Victoria (with D.J.Smith and T. Prowse). Investigating the paleohydroclimate of west central British Columbia using a multi-species tree-ring network“.
  • geoHydro 2011 in Quebec City, August 29-31, 2011. Andrew Perkins, Simon Fraser University (with T.A. Brennand and M.J. Burke) for his talk, The genesis of an esker-like ridge at the margins of the last Cordilleran Ice Sheet“.
  • Coherent Flow Structures in Geophysical Flows at the Earth’s Surface II conference at SFU, Burnaby, 2-6 August, 2011. Tim Marjoribanks, Durham University, UK (with R.J. Hardy, D.R. Parsons and S.N. Lane) for his talk, “Characterization of vortex dynamics over rigid and flexible vegetation canopies in a fluvial environment”.


2008 Recipient